Should Students Be Allowed to Eat During Class? Essay Example

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Larissa Edwards

Compare and Contrast Essay

February 13, 2013

University Differences

We live in a world of choices. Every day, we have many Universities and colleges to choose from to further educate ourselves and to better our future. An academic choice is not just like a daily decision you would make, it is a decision that could change your future dramatically. When making a decision between universities, it is very tough but also is very important that you make the best choice in which one has thriving intramural programs in your area of interest. Comparing and contrasting colleges will help you look at many different areas of the university itself and also the major. Both of the colleges that I have compared have a great variety of programs to pick from, but also it’s their passing rate that I look at as well. Also, at times, financial issues come before choosing colleges, but always look at not what is the cheapest and most affordable, but what college has a high rating in the field that you with to persue. A couple of universities in my area that rank very high in the nation are Radford University, and Liberty University.

When comparing Radford University to Liberty University, their tuition is less than Liberty but does not have as many academic programs to choose from. Tuition for Radford for in-state students is rounded to seven thousand, and fourteen thousand for out of state students for eighteen hours of class time. There are three nursing programs that are offered at Radford That is a small number of programs and also the passing rating for nursing field is not as high as Liberty. You are able to get your BSN (Bachelors of Science of Nursing), MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing), or DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice). If you want to get a bachelors this college is perfect, but for students fresh out of high school, it would be best choosing Liberty, as they have more areas to choose from for starters. The...
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