Saint Sebastion Essay Example

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Saint Sebastian Saint Sebastian was born on 256 in Narbonne of Gaul. He died on 288. Saint Sebastian was venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Oriental church. His feast days are on January 20 (catholic), and on December 18 (eastern Orthodox), and his attributes are arrows. He is the patronage of soldiers, plagues, arrows, and athletes. The details of saint Sebastian’s martyrdom were by Ambrose of Milan. She stated that saint Sebastian came from Milan and that he was already venerated there in the fourth century. Mark and Marcellian were deacons that lived in Rome. They refused to sacrifice to the roman gods and were arrested, then visited by their parents, Tranquillinus and Martia. They attempted to persuade them to renounce Christianity. Saint Sebastian ended up converting them. Diocletian came to saint Sebastian for his different belief of faith and commanded him to be led to the field to be shot with arrows. The archers shot him till he was full of arrows. The arrows did not kill him. The widow of Castulus went to receive his body to bury it and found him still alive. She nursed him and brought him back to health. Other people doubted he was Christian. One of those people was a girl who was blind. Saint Sebastian asked her, “Do you wish to be with God?” and he made the sign of the cross on her forehead. “Yes” she replied and then suddenly she regained her sight. Saint Sebastian preached to Diocletian as he passed by and the emperor had him beaten to death and his body thrown in a privy. Saint Sebastian was known for encouraging, in their faith, two Christian prisoners due for martyrdom. Because saint Sebastian had been thought to be killed with arrows, the emperor who ordered saint Sebastian to be shot by arrows was killed later on. Saint Sebastian was one of the class military martyrs and soldier saints of the early Christian church. He cured a woman for her muteness. His miracle converted seventy-eight

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