High School and Saint Louis University Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: October 13, 2011
When is a person considered mature? Is it when they can hold an intelligent conversation? Is it when they begin their first job? Is it when they leave for college? I’m not sure about that answer. All that I know is that I have truly matured significantly over my years in high school and transition into Saint Louis University. I have noticed huge differences in myself as a person, my roles, responsibilities, and goals over the last few years.

There is an enormous difference between myself as a high school student and now as a “seasoned veteran” college student. Looking back, I can see just how much I have matured. I remember vividly my first day of high school. There I was, freshman year, whimpering as my mother handed me my sack lunch and pinched a small ball of fuzz off of my freshly pleated khakis. She gave me a kiss and fixed my tie as my father pulled the car out of the garage. He drove me to school that day. What an awkward car ride. He gave the whole spiel about how I was a young man now, and I had to make adult decisions. He talked about choosing the right friends, not doing drugs, and all that other good pep-talky stuff. I knew he was right, but I didn’t want to grow up just yet. I mean, the hardest decision I had to make in high school was what I should do on a Friday night. I never really had to grow up. I was very nurtured by my parents and thus sheltered from the world. I was naïve and conservative. My years throughout high school shaped me into a more liberal and open-minded person aware of things around me. College has changed me even greater. Going off to college has caused me to mature very quickly. There’s nothing like the scare of being completely independent to whip you into shape. Mom and Dad aren’t around anymore to make sure I do all my work or make sure I get enough sleep. Looking back, I can’t believe my parents put up with me. I was completely dependent on them for everything. I sometimes probably treated my mother as my...
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