Rev Jim Jones

Topics: Leo Ryan, Jonestown, Jim Jones Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: April 29, 2014
. Jim was a leader of a cult called the peoples temple. He was later proven of creating and running a group or what many would know as a cult for committing acts of violence, human rights abuse, sexual abuse, assault, and murder. Jim knew his way of getting around the law and was accused along with many of the members of his cult for many crimes like the ones I just mentioned but until the end of his reign he was never caught because he had politicians and other officials in the law some within his cult some not who all defended Jim whenever an accusation was aimed towards Jim. Knowing somewhere in his mind that he was doing things that were illegal and not accepted in the society that he was surrounded by Jim tried to do some things for the community and other organizations that would make him look good and take some of the heat and attention off of his group and focus it on something other than him. After things within the cult began to become more serious with the number of people belonging to it and the severity of the crimes they were committing were getting more frequent and more intense Jim was not able to cover up everything like he once was and people were beginning to grow suspicious of him so an American congressman Leo Ryan was sent in to investigate what was going on inside the peoples temple cult. Shortly after his arrival and after Jim gained word that Leo was investigating him and was gaining evidence that illegal activity was going on Jim jones and his people murdered the congressman. After the murder Jim knew the end was very near and that is when he called for his group to commit a revolutionary suicide. When they were having one of their meetings in the woods with over 900 people in attendance Jim created a drink that had cyanide poisoning in it and he later got most of his group members to consume it and a total of 914 people died including 200 of those people young infants or children. Shortly after Jim Jones committed suicide as well. Even...
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