Huckleberry Finn Hoesty Quotes Analysis

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Lie, Tom Sawyer Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: September 10, 2010
Huckleberry Finn Reading Analysis – Core Topic
PassageAnalysis of topic - Honesty
“But Tom wanted to resk it; so we slid in there and got three candles, and Tom laid five cents on the table for pay.”(7)Both Tom and Huck are doing wrong on sneaking around yet Tom gives the impression of being an honest person since he takes the candles without anyone noticing but he leaves money on the table for pay instead of just leaving with the candles. “Jim always kept that five-centered piece around his neck with a string and said it was a charm the devil give to him with his own hands…”(7)Jim seems to like attention and uses dishonesty to get the attention. He goes around telling others that he has encountered the devil and he has bin given charms and powers by the devil to cure people and other things that don’t seem honest. Jim’s honesty is out in doubt. “"Ain’t you a sweet-scented dandy, though? A bed; and bedclothes; ... You ask Judge Thatcher; he'll tell you the same."(20)Although he has no problem lying later in the text, Huck goes to great lengths to avoid having to lie to his father. Why is this so? After all, Pap is not too concerned with his own honesty. “…but now he was agoing to turn over a new leaf and be a man nobody wouldn’t be ashamed of, and hoped the judge would help him and not look down on him.”(21)From the beginning of the book one can tell that Pap is not an honest person. It seems that he just wants for others to feel pity for him and that way he can seem like a good person though we know Pap just wants the money. Money can cause for people to lose the value of honesty. “’What did you say your name was, honey?’ M– ... calls me Sarah, some calls me Mary."(54)Huck is not one to give up on a lie. He spins new tales as old ones are discovered to be false. Even when he knows he’s caught, he doesn’t budge. Huck is good at coming up with another spur-of-the-moment lie in attempt to keep the real truth hidden. “Jim won’t ever forgit you, Huck; you’s...
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