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Proposal for Three Diesel Generator - Pnu-Ac

By Dackymae Mar 08, 2013 789 Words

Prepared for:

Dr. Vivinia B. Daug
Director for Finance, Planning, and Development
Philippine Normal University-Mindanao Campus

By: Jacky Mae G. Delosa
BSE IV-English

February 26, 2013


ABSTRACT ----------------------------------------------------- iii INTRODUCTION ----------------------------------------------- 1 PURPOSE --------------------------------------------- --- 1 PROBLEM ------------------------------------------------ 1 SCOPE ---------------------------------------------------- 1 PROPOSED THREE DIESEL GENERATOR ------------------------------------- 1 EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE ---------------------------------------- 2 PERSONNEL AVAILABLE ----------------------------------------- 2 COSTS ----------------------------------------------------------- 3 CONCLUSIONS -------------------------------------------------- 3


TABLE 1 COSTS ESTIMATES --------------------------------------- 3



Electricity or light from electricity has become a contributor to students’ ease in doing projects and assignments. Moreover, this electricity or electrical light helps students and professors in delivering the lessons well and effective. With the absence of this electricity, it is harder for students to work fast and efficient and with that also, the rush for deadlines and better outputs. Thus, electrical light or electricity is significant in the everyday life of students and professors in school specifically the Philippine Normal University- Agusan Campus (PNU-AC). Lately, in Prosperidad and other municipalities in Agusan del sur, rotating brownout has caused the schools (students and professors) some worry because electricity is needed in the presentations (both PowerPoint and visual paper presentation), working in some important files and electricity-powered activities (IT and other computer related activities). This project would like to address the problem through three electric generators in the campus. The cost for the three generators has the approximate total of P111 625.00, including the labor.


This report proposes three electric generators in the campus.

It had been clearly observed for the past years that the PNU-AC’s that electricity is needed in making the papers and projects of the students, works and lessons of the professors and efficiency of the works of the utility in school. Electricity is needed in the activities in school and other programs of the college and CTL in PNU-AC. SCOPE

In this report, a description of the proposed is three electric generators in the campuspresented, followed by sections concerning the equipment available, personnel available, costs, a finally, conclusions.


This report proposes three electric generators in the campus. Through this, students, teachers and school personnel will experience convenience in conducting school activities particularly, computer-related activities. They will be confident enough that their outputs and activities would be faster and easier, providing less exhaustion and ease for both the professors and students. And since, PNU-MC is already the National Center for Teacher Education; the school deserved to be known for its readiness in any problem in school. Figure 1 shows the diagram three generators to be purchased for the campus.


Figure 1.1 Electric Generator Parts
Figure 1.1 Electric Generator Parts
Figure 1.1 Electric Generator
Figure 1.1 Electric Generator

This project requires cement to be purchased as the main equipment of cementing the school ground. The cementation can be done by our school personnel since the process of the cementation is easy. Because of the very wide ground, there is still a need to add workers for the immediate realization of the project. A dump truck is necessary for the transport of sands, gravels and cements.

Cementation of school ground can be undertaken by school personnel and additional workers to be hired for the project. It will be done preferably on summer (April and May) since there will be no classes.

The major costs at this point appear to be those cement (approximately P37 625.00) sand (P12 500.00) gravel (P12 500.00). Total expense to the project including the other equipment and labor are estimated P111 625.00. Table 1 contains a complete breakdown of estimated cost.



1. It had been clearly observed for the past years that the PNU-MC’s ground always turn like a rice field whenever it rains which causes inconvenience for teachers and students who wish to pass at the campus ground as short cut to their designated classrooms. Everyone is not exempted in becoming wet and dirty every time the ground is use for formal ceremonies and activities.

2. The proposed project provides convenience to the students, teachers and school personnelin conducting school activities particularly, sports-related activities. They will be confident enough to wear any kind of foot wears not fearing of mud and water to penetrate inside it.

3. Since, PNU-MC is already the National Center for Teacher Education; the school deserved a cemented school ground for a higher level performances.

Feasibility Report
Feasibility Report

Progress Report
Progress Report

Application Letter
Application Letter

Application Letter
Application Letter

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