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Automatic Street Light

By aljays Sep 06, 2013 824 Words


MinsCAT Bongabong Campus Smart Street Lights is an automatic light control system which uses sensor, arduino and relay as the major components of the system. By using this system manual work are removed and energy consumption and human intervention is also reduced because now-a-days the manually operated street lights are not switched off properly even the sunlight comes and also not switched ON earlier before sunset. MinSCAT Bongabong Campus Smart Street Lights needs no manual operation of switching ON and OFF. The system itself detect if there is need a light or not. Its automatically switch ON the lights when the sunlight goes below to the visible region of our eyes. Its automatically switch OFF the lights under illumination by sunlight. This is done by a sensor called Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) which senses the light. The arduino is serves as the microcontroller of the system. As the system managing the high voltage output even the power supply of arduino is almost 9-12 V it use relay to manage the output that 220V and above. Saving power is very important, instead of using the power in unnecessary times it should be switched off. In our school campus Street Light is one of the major consuming factors. Sometimes we see the street light are ON even after sunrise thus wasting lot of energy. Over here we are avoiding the problem by having an automatic system which turns ON and OFF the street lights at the right time. Reducing human intervention is one of objectives of this system. It can help us to operate the street light in-time. The researchers are encouraged to develop MinSCAT Bongabong Campus Smart Street Light. This system is intended for school to having a smart street light and to the person whose in-charge in operating of street light in school campus that sometimes it cannot operate properly specially on the rainy season. Because of this, the researchers came up with the proposal of MinSCAT Bongabong Campus Smart Street Light in order to ease the burden of the street light operator on making its automatic operation.

Objectives of the Study
Generally, the study aims to develop the Smart Street Light for MinSCAT Bongabong Campus to help the operator and the school to operate the lighting system properly. Specifically, the study aims to:

1. Reduced power consumption and human intervention.
2. Provide an automatic way of operating the street light of MinSCAT Bongabong Campus. 3. Design a Smart Street Light for MinSCAT Bongabong Campus. 4. Develop the knowledge of Computer Engineering student about arduino. 5. Improve the lighting system of MinSCAT Bongabong Campus

Significance of the Study
The MinSCAT Bongabong Campus Smart Street Light bears significance to the following:
Street Light Operator. The result of this study would be a great help to operate the street light. Student. The results of this study served as reference to all students who are willing to learn and develop similar study.

CoE Instructor. The results of this study could serve as reference guide in teaching and giving some information to the concerned persons who are interested in this system.
Future Researchers. The results of this study would serve as good example or guide for the students that there studies is related on it.
Administrator. The results of this study would be good encouragement for the incoming students, especially in computer engineering.
Scope, Limitation and Delimitation of the Study
This study focuses for the improvement of school campus lighting system. It can be a great help to school to reduce human intervention and power consumption and also it is a great motivation for the student who’s taking Computer Engineering.

This study removes the manual operation of school campus street light so it can be a great help for the street light operator. The system can automatically switch the lights ON and OFF by using of Light Dependent Resistor so we can operate the light properly.

The delimitation of this study is to the person whose in-charge in maintenance. In terms of trouble shooting this system you should have enough knowledge about arduino also in electronics.

Definition of Terms
Arduino.  Arduino is designed to make electronics more accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists and ayone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. 
LDR. A Light Dependent Resistor is a device which has a resistance that varies according to the amount of light falling on its surface.
Relay. A relay is an electrically operated switch or electrical device such that current flowing through it in one circuit can switch on and off a current in a second circuit.
Sensor.  (also called detector)  is a device, which responds to an input quantity by generating a functionally related output usually in the form of an electrical or optical signal
Smart Street Light. Automatic street light or street has sensor to detect if there is need of light.

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