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NAME: ___________________________________________

TEACHER: _______________________________________

DATE: ____________________________________________


Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Author . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Setting . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Target audience . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Key promotional points . . . . . . . . . 8

Promotional strategies . . . . . . . . . 9


For example: This is how you might write your proposal for the novel "6"

written by Karen Tayleur.

Our company, FORTEENS PROMOTIONS has won the contract to promote this

book in Australian outlets within the next three months.

Included in this proposal is information about the contents of this novel,

the author and the setting. Our company has also identified the target

audience and included suggestions about points which could be

used to promote the book.

Finally, this proposal outlines some suggested strategies for our company,

FORTEENS' proposal to promote of this novel.

For example:
The novel "6" written by Karen Tayleur, is a gripping mystery about the death of one of a group six teenagers who take a fatal car ride after the mid year formal. The storyline details much of the teenage angst that a group of six boys and girls experience during adolescence. We follow their everyday lives as they complete the final time at High School where they anticipate exams and the long awaited rite of passage, Schoolies. Most chapters are either written from the main character, Sarah's point-of view while the rest are close observations the other members of the group. Their everyday concerns and motives are written in detail so that the audience very quickly learns who has hidden agendas, secret longings and family issues. The author also gives an insight into how teenage decisions and motives either have unexpected results or have a darker side to them. In a cleverly written piece, it is right up until the final page that the identity of the victim is skilfully hidden. .


For example:
For this information, search the internet using his name, book's title as no information is given about him about her in the book itself. Briefly, Karen Tayleur has written many novels for young adult readers about teenagers in Australia. She was an avid reader herself as a child and although she tried many different jobs, she achieves the most satisfaction from being a writer...


For example:
The novel "6" takes place in everyday Australian suburbia within a township where there is a wide range of ways of living, income, housing as well as a nearby forbidden woodland, The Woods become the focal point where the mystery begins. The teenagers visit each others' homes, meet at the ever-present shopping mall, attend the same school or mix at the same parties. This book is set in the present time frame where the teens have access to modern technology that is used for quick and immediate contact with each other.


For example:
This novel likely to appeal to today's young readers where they can relate to the central characters and the familiarity of the setting. There is an underlying theme of how each character has problems to deal with and which cannot be readily shared with others. Also, the book contains messages or warnings about many decisions and issues that they face as they are growing up and as they step into the adult world.


For example:
There are a number of features in "6" which may be useful in promoting this novel.

The novel is set in modern Australia which has aspects that are familiar to readers. People like to read about lifestyles and places that they recognise. The book's main characters are teenagers, whose relationships, conflicts and problems should be relevant and of interest to other young adults. This book deals with a range of issues which are often the real life experience of teens. The main theme shows how each character in this book faces the results of risky or poor decision making. This is a book which reveals teenagers in both positive and negative lights and should increase their insight into other people's behaviour. There are hidden but highly important warnings about teen behaviour which need to be aired openly. This author knows her subject and her writing style shows that she is aware of what makes teenagers tick. The author now resides in a country area in Victoria.


Send a letter and colour flier to book shops, schools, English teachers, English Education Departments of teacher training universities and libraries introducing the novel and its author. Design a poster for display in bookshops and libraries.

Arrange a book launch at selected books stores or outlets with Karen Tayleur as guest speaker. Invite librarians, teacher-librarians, book critics and other who are likely to promote this book. Suggest Karen Tayleur contact schools personally with offers to meet students. This may encourage students to buy a copy for themselves. Approach blackbooks publishers about holding teacher seminars to promote this novel and others by the author. Advertise this novel on ebay, amazon or fishpond.

Donate copies to under-funded schools.
Contact local radio stations with teen audiences and offer interviews with the author. FM stations would be an obvious choice. The announcer could ask Karen Tayleur about her reasons for writing for a young adult audience. Alternatively, a radio reading of parts of the book could be given so that listeners can hear the author's way of writing or expressing herself.

Here, you state the purpose of this document.
As well, you need to specify what is in this document.

In 100- 150 words, briefly outline the storyline of the story.

Here, you identify where and when the story takes place and comment why this is important to the telling of it.

Specify which group of readers are likely to find this book appealing.

List the points which may be useful in promoting this novel to Australian readers.

List ideas that FORTEENS could use to promote this book.

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