Pre-Civil War Notes

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 4 (764 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Pre-Civil War Study Guide

Missouri Compromise- (Louisiana Purchase)
Issue – Mo. wants to come in as a slave state.
Problem- This would upset the balance of free and slave states in Congress
Compromise (Henry Clay)-
• Let Mo. come in as a slave state
• Let Maine come in as a free state
• No slavery above the 36 30 line of latitude

Mexican War/Mexican Cession –
As a result of the war America got California and much of the SW. (Mexican Cession) The question of slavery arose. (free v. slave states) Suggestions:
• Extend the 36 30 line
• Wilmot Proviso – no slavery at all
• Calhoun said slaves are property protected by the 5th amendment • Popular Sovereignty – let the people of the territory vote on slavery (developed by Stephen Douglas) Compromise of 1850 (Henry Clay)

• California would come in as a free state
• Popular Sovereignty in the rest of the Mexican Cession • Tougher Fugitive Slave Law
• Abolished slave trade in DC

Early 1850s:
Time of relative peace until Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written.
Clay and Calhoun died in the early 50s thinking they saved the union.

Kansas Nebraska Act: (1854) Stephen Douglas
• Divided the rest of the Louisiana Purchase into Kansas and Nebraska • Declared Popular Sovereignty for the area

** This made the Missouri Compromise line null and void.

Formation of the Republican Party:
• Opposed the extension/expansion of slavery
• Wanted the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed
Bleeding Kansas:
• A race began between the pro and anti slavery forces to settle Kansas. • Result on election day : two constitutions
• A “Mini Civil War” broke out. (Sack of Lawrence) • Kansas came in as a free state in 1861
Kansas-Constitution: ( don’t get bogged down in this,...
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