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Topics: Gettysburg Address, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 13 (3401 words) Published: April 21, 2014

Analyzing Speeches
The Lesson Activities will help you meet these educational goals: 21st Century Skills—You will assess and validate information.

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Teacher-Graded Activities

Write a response for each of the following activities. Check the Evaluation section at the end of this document to make sure you have met the expected criteria for the assignment. When you have finished, submit your work to your teacher.

1. Comparing Speeches
a. Read President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech. What emotions do you feel while reading these speeches? What elements of the speeches evoke these emotions?

Type your response here:
The Gettysburg address strikes emotion in everyone, due to the person who wrote it and due to the subject matter. The Gettysburg address evokes happiness, sadness, and pride in our country, In the speech Lincoln makes many references to the was that had happened, and he also makes many reference to how great America, which makes people think that everything will be alright and that the country is strong enough to endure this civil war. As for Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech it invokes completely different emotions such as shame in our country and sadness, the elements that invoke these emotions are King’s way of speaking, the way he references Lincoln, and the fact that he remains hopeful even though hope seems to be lost.

b. Do you notice any similarities between President Lincoln’s speech and Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech? What are the similarities? Why do you think King drew parallels between his speech and Lincoln’s?

Type your response here:
King gave his speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, as if to honor Lincoln for the strong and brave way that he tried to abolish slavery, and his accomplishment of it, and yet King still feels as if he is enslaved due to strong oppression of black people. Both Lincoln and King invoke strong emotions of hope, and patriotism. I believe that king drew parallels between his speech and Lincolns to A: Grab the attention of everyone who hears him, and B: to commemorate Lincoln, and to make it known that he is proud of Lincoln and thankful to him for all of his hard work.

c. Think about the audience that President Lincoln was addressing with the Gettysburg Address and about the audience that Martin Luther King Jr. was addressing with his I Have a Dream speech. Describe each audience, and explain how the speeches reflected, and were appropriate for, their audiences.

Type your response here:
Lincoln was addressing the families of soldiers, the citizens of the untied states, and maybe even foreign countries. I believe Lincoln chose these audiences to show that he still supports everyone even though the battle going on was so brutal, I also believe that he chose families of soldiers to assure them that the deaths, and lives of soldiers are not taken for granted and to assure them that it was all worth it in the end. As for King, His audience was mostly towards as he called them “Negros,” I believe strongly that King chose this Audience to tell them that there is still hope for equality between white and black people, because there truly was, and still is thanks to King. Kings Audience is very appropriate because he himself was black and was fighting for the rights of everyone he was speaking to.

2. Rhetorical Devices
a. Revisit the Gettysburg Address and I Have a Dream. As you read, list the rhetorical devices that you notice: state the device, define it, provide an example of it from the speech, and explain its emotional impact.

Type your response here:
The Gettysburg Address

Rhetorical Device
Emotional Impact
A descriptive adjective attached...
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