Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist
Summer Reading Study Guide
European Studies Honors English 10

Questions for Discussion

Directions: Respond fully to each of the following questions in your journal. You need not copy the questions/topics for response into the journal. You must give specific evidence for each and each entry must fill at least one entire page to receive full credit. Get used to being required to support your viewpoints in great detail throughout the course.

Part One (Chapters 1 thru 22)

1. Of the various characters who Oliver encounters in the early chapters of the novel, which do you think is Dickens’s strongest representation of commentary on the social conditions of his time period? You may need to do a little research into England during this time period. Explain why.

Mrs, Thingummy •Mr. Bumble •Mrs. Mann •Mr. Limbkins
Mr. Gamfield •Mr. Sowerberry •Noah Claypole

2.Throughout the novel, Dickens gives us characters who display various attitudes toward the poor that were typical of early Victorian England. Identify at least three passages in which Dickens documents characters’ attitudes toward the poor and their social status. (You do not need to cite the entire passage, but please include the first few words of the line and the page number).

3. Briefly summarize the events that lead to Oliver making the acquaintance of The Artful Dodger, Master Charlie Bates, and Fagin.

4. Pay close attention to the character of Nancy in Oliver Twist. How does her relationship with each of the following reveal aspects of her personality?

* Nancy’s relationship with Fagin:
* Nancy’s relationship with Bill Sikes:
* Nancy’s relationship with the other boys (Artful Dodger, et al):

5.Fagin or Bill Sikes – Which does Dickens want us as...
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