OISD 117

Topics: Water, Petroleum, Storage tank Pages: 127 (19062 words) Published: October 3, 2013
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Sr.Number:- OISD/2012/001

Revised Edition: Aug 2007
1st Amended Edition: July 2008
2nd Amended Edition: October 2010
3rd Amendment : July, 2012


Prepared By

Oil Industry Safety Directorate
Government of India
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

8th Floor, OIDB Bhavan, Plot No. 2, Sector – 73, Noida – 201301 (U.P.) Website: www.oisd.gov.in
Tele: 0120-2593800, Fax: 0120-2593802

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Sr.Number:- OISD/2012/001

Indian petroleum industry is the energy lifeline of the nation and its continuous performance is essential for sovereignty and prosperity of the country. As the industry essentially deals with inherently inflammable substances throughout its value chain – upstream, midstream and downstream – Safety is of paramount importance to this industry as only safe performance at all times can ensure optimum ROI of these national assets and resources including sustainability. While statutory organizations were in place all along to oversee safety aspects of Indian petroleum industry, Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) was set up in 1986 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India as a knowledge centre for formulation of constantly updated world-scale standards for design, layout and operation of various equipment, facility and activities involved in this industry. Moreover, OISD was also given responsibility of monitoring implementation status of these standards through safety audits. In more than 25 years of its existence, OISD has developed a rigorous, multi-layer, iterative and participative process of development of standards – starting with research by in-house experts and iterating through seeking & validating inputs from all stake-holders – operators, designers, national level knowledge authorities and public at large – with a feedback loop of constant updation based on ground level experience obtained through audits, incident analysis and environment scanning.

The participative process followed in standard formulation has resulted in excellent level of compliance by the industry culminating in a safer environment in the industry. OISD – except in the Upstream Petroleum Sector – is still a regulatory (and not a statutory) body but that has not affected implementation of the OISD standards. It also goes to prove the old adage that selfregulation is the best regulation. The quality and relevance of OISD standards had been further endorsed by their adoption in various statutory rules of the land. Petroleum industry in India is significantly globalized at present in terms of technology content requiring its operation to keep pace with the relevant world scale standards & practices. This matches the OISD philosophy of continuous improvement keeping pace with the global developments in its target environment. To this end, OISD keeps track of changes through participation as member in large number of International and national level Knowledge Organizations – both in the field of standard development and implementation & monitoring in addition to updation of internal knowledge base through continuous research and application surveillance, thereby ensuring that this OISD Standard, along with all other extant ones, remains relevant, updated and effective on a real time basis in the applicable areas. Together we strive to achieve NIL incidents in the entire Hydrocarbon Value Chain. This, besides other issues, calls for total engagement from all levels of the stake holder organizations, which we, at OISD, fervently look forward to.

Jai Hind!!!
Executive Director
Oil Industry Safety Directorate

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Sr.Number:- OISD/2012/001


Petroleum Depots, Terminals, Installations; Pipeline Installations; Lube Oil Installations are intermediate...
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