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INTRODUCTION Ritz-Carlton Hotel is well known as the luxury hotel with its marvelous quality in which it operates both hotels and resorts as its best part. The Ritz London was formed on 24th May 1906 on the Piccadilly site of the Walsingham House Hotel, formerly the Bath Hotel. Conceived by renowned hotelier César Ritz, The Ritz owes its architectural design to the successful partnership formed in 1900 between Frenchman Charles Mewés and Englishman Arthur Davis. It is a business which is subsidiary of Marriott International which focuses on the hospitality and tourism industry. The headquarters of Ritz-Carlton is located at Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States. It has 81 hotels in 26 countries. The chairman of Ritz-Carlton is Sir Bill Marriott, Arne Sorinson, the chief executive officer. Ritz-Carlton is owned by Marriott International. It has been conceived as the world’s greatest hotelier It is also the first hotel which won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Ritz-Carlton hotel focuses mainly on their quality in which they treat quality as their heartbeat to be and remain the best. They are very particular in meeting their customer’s expectation and they tries to make sure there is no issue on the service provided to their customer. Ritz-Carlton grew under the leadership of the President and COO Horst Schulze. Ritz-Carlton became known on its great influence on their excellent service in large industry. Ritz-Carlton has been awarded for the top list of dining service as well as hotel and other services. The awards and accolades that have been received over the years by The Ritz are an appreciation to the loyalty and their great services. The recognition that winning these prestigious awards brings to The Ritz, can only serve to re-affirm their position as one of the finest hotels in the world today. Both the managers and employees of Ritz-Carlton focuses more on the continuous improvement to satisfy their customer’s needs and wants.


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