Nonprofit - How to Write a Call to Action for Your Brochure

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How to Write a Call to Action for Your Brochure

What's the most important part of any nonprofit brochure? It's the call to action. That's the section where you tell the brochure reader what you want them to do next, whether it's donate, volunteer, sign up for a newsletter, request a consultation, or what have you. Here are a few tips for using calls to action effectively in your brochures. Make It Obvious and Highly Visible

Within five seconds of browsing your brochure, we should be able to tell what it is you want us to do. Don't bury the call to action in a block of text. Make it stand out on its own panel of the brochure or at least with it's own headline. If you have space, reinforce the call to action in other places on the brochure. Make It Specific

"Contact us for more information" is probably the most common call to action in nonprofit brochures. It's better than nothing at all, but just barely. Instead, be as specific as possible about what you want people to do. What kind of information do you expect them to want next? How do they get it from you -- by going to a specific section of your website or calling a specific person on your staff? If you want them to join your organization, say that, and tell them exactly how to join. If you what them to donate, say that, and make it easy for them to contribute to your organization. If you can include the form in the brochure, that's fine. Otherwise, be very specific about where they should go on your website to complete the form online. Give Some Options

Establishing relationships with new supporters takes time. If your call to action asks for a donation, consider including some other steps that will allow supporters who aren't quite ready to donate another way to interact with you. For example, in addition to blocks on your standard donation form, you could add a line that says, "I can't donate now, but I would like to receive your e-newsletter to learn more XYZ Nonprofit's exciting work." If you have...
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