Key Principles Of Person Centred Dementia Care

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“ Promoting

quality care through
the not-for-profit sector


Key principles of person-centred
dementia care

“ Promoting
quality care through
the not-for-profit sector ”

Introduction: promoting
person-centred care
The primary purpose of the National Care Forum
(NCF) is to promote quality outcomes for people
who receive care and support through the notfor-profit sector. NCF members make a formal commitment through the chief executives to
adhere to NCF’s underpinning values and promote
quality for all people receiving care services.
This Statement of Best Practice has been
prepared by the NCF Older People and Dementia
Care Committee to specify indicators of quality
in relation to person-centred dementia care
services. It is not intended to be definitive or to
provide detailed information on dementia. The
Statement will be periodically reviewed. It is
expected that a person-centred approach will
be evidenced in the Statement of Purpose and
Service User Guides produced by NCF members.
Dementia is defined by the Mental Health
Foundation (2006) as:

“… a decline in mental ability which
affects memory, thinking, problem solving,
concentration and perception… Dementia is
almost invariably a disease of ageing.”

A person-centred approach to providing care and
support is as important for people who receive
services (and their family or significant others)
as it is to staff. The emphasis should always
be on the person as an individual. In a personcentred approach the unique qualities of the individual as determined by their life history and
experiences, likes and dislikes, are their defining
characteristics. People with dementia have the
same rights as citizens. This includes the right
to be treated with dignity and respect. Care
and support services should build on individual
strengths and abilities to maximise and promote
independence. Services should enable people
to feel valued and safe. The inherent risks of
life should be recognised. However, given

Key principles of
person-centred dementia

the potential vulnerability of some people
with dementia there is a need for a good
understanding of adult protection requirements.
Each of the principles contained in this Best
Practice Statement is supported by example key

Assessment, care planning and
Assessment, care planning and reviewing
are key aspects of best practice.
Documenting the service received by
individuals is vital. The way in which care
services are documented will evidence what
is occurring for the individual as well as
demonstrating whether person-centred care
is integral to the service provided.
Key indicators of best practice:
a full assessment is undertaken prior to a
service being provided
evaluation and reassessment is ongoing
all relevant documentation used by the
organisation demonstrates that
the individual is fully involved
cultural needs are appropriately considered
well-being for the individual is actively
the language used will be acceptable to the
person receiving care
care plans are used as communication tools evaluation is meaningless in the absence of well documented care
a key worker system matches individuals and
relatives (and significant others) feel involved
and supported

Valuing communication
Effective communication improves the
quality of life of people with dementia. It is
essential that efforts are made to enhance
communication, make time to listen and to

“ Promoting
quality care through
the not-for-profit sector ”

Key indicators of best practice:
staff are aware of the different communication
needs of different individuals including taking
account of any hearing or visual problems or
where English is a second language
staff are trained to understand the importance
of verbal and non-verbal...
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