Non-Profit Organization Essay Example

Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 17, 2013
AThe Advocacy Center for the Children of El Paso is a non-profit organization that has been helping children through the years. This organization began forming in the early 90’s and opened on Dec 19, 1996. The first victim that they helped was a 18-month old baby girl because she was abandoned. This organization has been helping the community by providing their services for children that have experience physical and sexual abuse. Advocacy Center is helping everyone in the community of El Paso and anyone is welcome to help in any way. According to The Advocacy Center ‘’volunteers are always needed’’.

With attention, to the audience this website is trying to encourage the community, to help in either way the children’s of El Paso. In Fact, this website is not only for abused children is also for families that need professional help. They are also looking for resources such as law enforcement, health and legal partnership; this will help the organization to grow more and more over the time. Any information that can be needed can be found on the website.

The purpose of this nonprofit website is to persuade and also inform the community of El Paso with the services they provide to the city. The Center provides the service which will help all children with experiences of physical and sexual abuse, and to help them recuperate the peace and the normal life style they once had by giving them the proper counseling and therapy they might need. In other words, the website is trying to persuade the reader to participate in this organization. They also assist with file claims, judicial advocacy and any kind of transportation needed for patients at the center.

Last but not least, the style of the website is quite colorful. First, the impression that they are trying to make is that there is happiness in that center that they are really helping what had happened to does children. In addition, the website also includes images that reflect, happiness and peace in the...
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