National Honor Society Essay Example

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Xzavier Johnson
NHS Essay
February 19, 2013

As a student, it is a great honor to be just nominated as candidate for National Honor society. It shows me that I have been working hard to stand out more than others. Throughout my high school career, I want to be one of the top and I have been trying to reach that goal. I have chosen to take all honor classes to help me get there. I also show traits that could make me a good leader. I was also elected to go to the North Suburban Leadership Conference. I like to go out and meet new people, and I think NHS is a good place to explore and meet new people. I also like to volunteer and help people do things that need to be done. I help out in the garden here at the high school in the summer, help set up chairs and tables for community day, and I also help the youth football team with the “chain gang” during their football season. I also help at my church clothes donations to the less fortunate people. I feel NHS would make me stay more focus on what I need to do and also teach me more responsibility. Being in NHS would make me be an example which would hold me to act with higher standards than other students. It seems like when you’re in NHS you travel and meet more people, and I like to take those types of trips as a teenager. Also being in NHS gives me a better chance to get into colleges of my choice. I really want to go to college, and this program makes more colleges interested in me. I hope I get elected to become a member of the National Honors Society and represent it in a good and positive way.
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