Topics: Napoleonic Wars, First French Empire, Peninsular War Pages: 4 (759 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Section 3: Napoleon Forges an Empire pp. 229-233

1. Explain why Napoleon was considered the hero of the hour. 2.Give an example of a Napoleonic military success and failure. 3.How did Napoleon’s coup d’etat affect power in France? (What type of leader did he become and how did he legitimize it?) 4.Why was Napoleon able to concentrate on domestic reforms in 1802? 5.How would you evaluate Napoleon’s reforms in the following areas?

What was the problem?How did he attempt to solve it?Evaluate his reform Economy

6.Why do you think that the French people and the Pope supported Napoleon’s decision to make himself an emperor? 7.Give two (there are many more) examples of how Napoleon betrayed the goals of the Revolution in France and elsewhere. 8.Give three reasons why Napoleon agreed to the Louisiana Purchase. 9.Analyze the long and short-term significance of the Battle of Trafalgar.

10.A***Required of Honors Students Napoleon was a man of the Enlightenment. He believed in reason and felt that religion was at most a social convenience. Yet he moved away from the de-Christianization policy of the National Convention. Analyze Napoleon’s new church policy from the perspective of the French people, the Church and Napoleon.

Napoleon’s Empire Collapses pp. 234-237

11.What were two results of the Peninsular War?
12.Why did Napoleon invade Russia?
13.Defend the Czar’s decision to use the scorched-earth policy. 14.What surprise was waiting for Napoleon in Moscow?
15.How did nature help defeat the Grand Army?
16.How might Napoleon’s last bid for power, the Hundred Days, have ended differently? Or was that even possible? 17.Elba is to Leipzip what St Helena is to Waterloo. Explain. 18.Read Visual Summary of French Revolution and Napoleon on page 242 19.Give at least two reasons why the Continental System was doomed to failure. 20.How was the United States affected by the Continental System? 21.Why did...
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