My Trip to Mexico Essay Example

Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Talking about California, lots of people must be very excited if they got a chance to go and visit once in their life time. And I was one of them. Last year I took my vacation in California and also visiting my aunt who lives there, in a town call Cemal. In this trip I gain a lot more experiences myself and that is what I want to write about. What did I face at the first day leaving Maine. And what did the new things I saw while I was in SFO and Cemal, CA. And what activity thatI do while I stayed with my aunt’s family.

It was April, 20th 2009, my flight was going to take off at 7 p.m. the destination was SFO, CA. I arrived at the Maine’s airport an hour and a half early, waiting for the time to fly. My schedule was going to transfer the flight at Washing ton, DC, for an hour before taking another flight to SFO. But it wasn’t that easy.

My flight got delay because of the weather. It was raining all day.We got a rain storm and also in DC. It was over three hours that the other tourists and I had to wait before our flight took off at 10.15 p.m. . But even that all of us still had smiles on our faces. It was almost one in the morning when I got to the airport in Washing ton, DC. We were all exhausted. I started searching for the place where I can sleep, killing the time that I have to wait for 5 hours before the next coming flight to SFO.

Once I arrived at SFO, seeing my aunt. Who I have met twice in my whole life. She drove me to see the most famous bridge in America, the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked half way through across the bridge, just for the view of it. I also saw the most famous jail from the direction where I stand. But I didn’t go on that island though. After that we went to see more of SFO city before we drove back to Cemal.

I spend my last two days in Cema l with my aunt’s family. They took me to lots of places. At the first day, we went to Monterey’s aquarium which is the most famous aquarium...
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