My Ideal Day

Topics: Sleep, Dinner, English-language films Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: November 4, 2013

My Ideal Day: On Royal Davui Island, Fiji
My ideal day begins with me waking up alone in the bed of one the rooms on Royal Davui Island, Fiji, in Royal Davui Island Resort to a breakfast consisting of sweet red strawberries, sour green grapes, freshly cut pineapple, crispy turkey bacon, and fluffy warm pancakes. After eating a hearty and ideal breakfast, I will change from my night clothes to put on a red two piece high waist pinup style bathing suit, with an overly large floppy neutral toned hat, and plain white flip flops. I then will gather my beach chair, my beach towel, a good book, and sunglasses and head out for the beach. That day on the beach the weather will be perfect because the sun will not be scoring hot, the wind will not be blowing rapid, it will be mild. The beach of this island had fine white sand that feels like silk when you run your fingers through it, pristine turquoise water, and best of all no larger number of people so it’s quit for the most part. Next I will find a spot on the beach that has a clear view of the water and no human life from any direction. I will lay out my beach chair and arrange myself comfortably in it, and then I will begin to read my good for at least an hour. Later after finishing up an hour of reading I will put on my sunglasses, lay out my beach towel in the fine white sand, lay back, and close my eyes while listening to the sound of the gentle waves as they browse sand. I will eventually fall asleep from the peaceful and soothing sounds. When I have wake up from my nap on the beach, I will gather all my things and by this time it should be noon and I will go snorkeling and will see dolphins playing with one another, sea stars resting on a rock under water, a school of angelfish swimming by, and a jellyfish floating steadily away. After snorkeling for about an hour I will go back to my room and take a long warm shower. When I get out I will sleep until dinner time, then I will change...
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