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José Mourinho: "I Don't Do Mind Games"

Mourinho: "What is Soccer? Soocer is emotion "

General instructions Mourinho transmitting their players have not changed in the nearly 10 years of his coaching career. Mourinho always thought that Soccer is a team sport, and that each has to subsume their individuality ambition to team goals. It promises to be fair but reminds all players that the decisions you make will be for the interest of the team. Although he knows that players have egos, makes it clear that if fully involve on their way to work, give all you have in your power to make them better. In this interview Joseph stressed certain concepts and ideas discussed in classes that are important for me because we can see clearly how the mentality of a successful coach and media worldwide.

Jose Mourinho interview in Esquire, will feature concepts such as cohesion in general but specific points are: The "Performance" Mourinho spoke saying "It is impossible to do all the best players. With some I did not succeed and others I cannot improve. But if I calculate, player-by-player, my percentage of players who had his best years and best moments in his career to me is huge. Sure, some connections were not good, because the personalities and the other one did not fit, or they do not appreciate working together. But that percentage is minimal. "This is important to me when discussing speciation’s Coaching Self -confidence within.

The "stress" of the coach is also an important issue for the " Life is sometimes stressful. Not in London, but if Madrid or Italy. What keeps me awake at night? Nothing (laughs). " " Nothing, I sleep seven or eight hours a night. I cannot compare my work to that of a doctor, a surgeon. The difference is that I have a million people, who know the result of my work, and the only ones who know the result of the work of the surgeon 's family and the person who is being operated. But he has a lot more responsibility than I do....
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