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Topics: Psychology, Memory, Serial position effect Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 8, 2012
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Lisa Vlytovych

Cognitive Psychology

November 27, 2012

“A Deck of Cards”

In examining the following problem: “A deck of 40 cards contains a different image on each (nature scenes, head shots on individuals, etc.). Imagine that your task in recall in a general way image or theme. Apart from repetition, list three encoding procedures you might use for memorizing them, providing for each procedure a brief example of how you would use it with cards such as these.”

1. Procedure: The first example that will be utilized in order to memorize the cards will be a technique called Free Recall. According to Bennet B. Murdock in his 1962 article entitled: “The Serial Position of Free Recall”: “Free Recall is a basic paradigm in the psychological study of memory. In this paradigm, participants study a list of items on each trial and then are prompted to recall the items in any order (hence the name “free recall”) (Murdock, pages 64). Example: In free recall studies, subjects are free to use any strategies they want. However , memory researcher found “it was easy to bias subjects toward organizing schemes by manipulating the content of the

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list (Dewey). For example, suppose a subject has to memorize this list, which contains two obvious categories of items: Green, Nixon, Carter, Red, Bush, and Orange—After a retention period of 15 minutes, the subject might recall the items as follows: Nixon, Bush, Carter, Red, Green, Blue

2. Procedure: According to “Cued recall is an aspect of recall in which the retrieval of information from memory is facilitated by the provision of cues. Example: The initial letter of a word to be remembered or suggestions as to the category in the which the item belongs.

3. Procedure: Serial Recall is the ability “to recall items or events in the order in which they occurred.”(Frensch, P.A.). Example: According to “Countless psychological...

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Murdock, Bennett B. (1982) “The Serial Position of Free Recall” Psychology Reveiw (2011) “Cued Recall Definition”
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