Marketing the Consumer Society and Hedonism

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Marketing the consumer society and Hedonism


Nowadays marketing is linked with pejorative definition, for many critics it is related with an hedonistic lifestyle. Hedonism is a philosophy an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good. In this article hedonism and marketing are related with materialism which can be defined as the pursuit of gathering as many material goods as possible in order to achieve happiness. This article underlines connection between the consumer society, hedonism, and the place of marketing being responsible or not for unethical behavior among consumers. The charge: A Hedonistic Society attributable to consumer marketing

Modern marketing is charged to have an influence on consumer’s society by changing it on a hedonistic society it is a degenerate influence especially by claiming that goods acquisition and consumerism is the core of today’s society. In fact this argument is based on how our societies were built, in the first instance, with orthodox values regarding monotheist religions. So that materialism is seen as being against spiritual and moral values. Yet the term “Marketing” is used by its detractors as a philosophy encouraging depravation and they neglect to consider what Marketing is all about, meanings: 1. Identifying actual/potential wants within a market or markets; segmenting the market into want categories and selecting market segments suited to the firm's thrust and core competencies; 2. Determining the offering to match the want of each segment selected; 3. Making the offering available;

4. Informing and persuading those within the market segment or segments to buy or rebuy; 5. Deciding on a continuous basis what offerings to add, subtract, modify and upgrade; and 6. Cooperating with others to secure resources and support marketing plans. Indeed marketing is seen as a link with hedonism and as having been created by the power of structures to maintain dominance with the help of mass media. Hedonism Definition

Hedonism comes from the word hedone, which means pleasure, enjoyment or delight in ancient Greek. There are several meanings: Psychological Hedonism: pleasure is fundamental and all motivation is based on. Ethical Hedonism: What we ought to pursue in life (pleasure). Universal Hedonism: the search for pleasure for everybody.

Rationalizing Hedonism: rank the pursuit of pursuit by defining the foundation of terms of pleasure. However those terms are ignored by common language which characterizes Hedonism by being selfish on looking for pleasure with the implicit idea of excess. But there is a distinction to add between pleasure-seeking and satisfaction-seeking (Campbell) which are the two components of hedonism (pleasure seeking is the only one used by common language), he also argued that pleasure-seeking may be driven by idealistic commitment. In fact words like hedonism and consumerism have become controversial words used today to criticize societies’ social issues. Hedonism and Consumerism

As argued before marketing is blamed for social consequences by stimulating consumption for critics it is even though a culture of consumption that we are facing up. Accumulation and display of material possessions

Yes there is an accumulation of possessions nowadays but it’s a consequence of wealth and it has been always existed through the ages. Marketing is here to facilitate the choice of consumer on choosing what kind of goods will be good for them. Satisfying transitory appetites and created wants

It is right that pleasures emotions tend to be short-lived. In a democratic society no one could argue and deny the fact that people have the right to choose for themselves. The charge is against advertising, critics argue that it created wants. But wants are latent and ad is activated by promotion. Seeking positional goods for social status and social bonding

In the consumer society the accumulation of...
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