Marketing a New Product Essay Example

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Unit 3 – Marketing

I am going to produce a marketing strategy for a new product it will include evidence and information of how the strategy is based on the principals of marketing, how I have used primary and secondary resources. I will be analysing the impact of my product on the external environment and they way I am going to analyse the marketing context and an appropriate strategy. To meet my customers needs I will need to develop a coherent mix of strategies.

Cadbury's World

Cadburys have been around since 1824 when john Cadbury opened his first shop, establishing a flourishing dynasty that today provides the world with many of its favourite brands of chocolate.

Cadburys full name is Cadbury's trebo bassit.

Cadburys dairy milk was first launched in 1905 and still a market leader today. Cadburys make much different kind of chocolates and sweets and have now gone into the industry of making drinks. They have many products on the market and still are looking to expand.

Marketing principles

My strategy will be based upon nine principles of marketing

They are the following:

Anticipating future needs – this is where the company will carry out market research like questionnaires and surveys to find out what the customer wants from the product and what he can expect from. This will mean that I will have a head start on the market and research further into what customer will want in the future.

Creating a good perception of the organisation – this is where the company will try to create a good image because if the image is bad of the company and organisation. People will not buy there products creating special offers would be essential this what drives customer to by the product more. Satisfying customer needs – they have to make sure that the product that they are offering is what the customer wants and it is to the standard they offer customers will always want more of a product if they feel that they like it and it meets there needs. They can find out if it is fulfilling a customer's need by making them fill out questionnaires and surveys this can then help Cadbury's World plan for the future.

Needs of organisation

Income and profit growth – the organisation needs to make sure that they are making a profit because they are paying a lot of money on advertising and producing the product so that customers are aware of the product. I will need to form some kind of plan to make sure that the product they create does not fail.

Satisfying growth – this is where they would want to make profit and maximise there business if they have shareholders and stakeholders which invest their money into the company in order for the company to becoming a bigger and large as well as a overall better company.

Planning co-ordinating marketing activities – they would have to start distributing their new product out to shops and give free samples away so that the product becomes well known at first and then I would have to find a suitable price that would then go with the product.

Managing change in a marketplace

Analysing the competition – I would have to find out the competitors against Cadburys world, which would be necessary and see what there plans are and how they are going to cope with the new product. Another useful thing that would be good to find out about my rivals would be try to and find out their SWOT plan.

Using new technology – I would some how have to improve Cadburys technology from the sales and profit that is made keeping ahead of my competitors is important and to do that we need technology this would give us the ability to keep in front of our competitors and be a far more faster and advance company. Using a new CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (computer aided Manufactured) system that they can use to design and manufacture my product a lot faster this programme will enable us to create a new package for the product and show a 3D (Three Dimensional) image of what the...
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