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Cisco Systems:
Launching the ASR 1000 Series Router Using Social Media Marketing Business Context
Cisco Systems, Inc., founded by scientists form Stanford University in 1984. The international leading company in networking for the Internet. •Company had 68,000 employees worldwide. $39.5 billion sales, 13% growth rate and $8.1 billion net income in 2008. •Provided networking solutions, including hardware, software, and service. •After 5 years development and invested $ 250 millions, Cisco launched a new product, ASR1000 Series, to meet market trend and customers’ demands. Key Business Drivers

ASR 1000 Series
Rising demand for greater bandwidth requirement due to increasing mobilize and distributed workforce and growing complexity and intensity of applications. •In 2008, 70% companies intended to increase bandwidth and 43% of them planned to expand in next 24 months, resulting in market gap that ASR 1000 Series be designed to fill. Digital launching strategy for ASR 1000 Series

Growing trend of social media.
Market shift to Web 2.0.
Cisco and ASR 1000 series are internet-based brand and products. Results
ASR 1000 Series launch was judged by Cisco to be a successful campaign. •Not everything worked well and still had concern in ROI and long term planning. The success of this project can be attributed to the following innovate launching strategy: •“Eat its own dog food”: promote the product in its original digital market. •Involve the Human Network: involve über users to build digital communities. oExclusive microsite for users to share information.

oCreate Facebook, Cisco blogs and forums to provide channel to communicate with customers oEngage customers for more understanding of QFP via 3-D game, “Edge Commanders”. •Digital marketing: the first product to have 100% digital marketing. oFormally launched through Live Follow-the-sun online event and approach to more than 100 countries worldwide. •Time management: all activities...
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