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Technology Review #2: Autonomous Vehicles
Transportation Systems Sector
CSIA 459

Over the past years innovation within the automotive industry has created safer, cleaner and more affordable vehicles. Many industries are getting closer to “self-driving” vehicle. The possible significant benefits to this innovation- saving lives, reducing crashes, fuel consumption, pollution and increase in mobility for disable and elderly people. We are going to take a closer look at autonomous vehicles. These types of vehicles are self-driven and no need of hands. First, let’s take a look on what is an autonomous vehicle is and what it does. Car industries have stun the world with limited hands on driving to car parking themselves completely on their own. With Autonomous vehicles a driver puts in the location he or she is trying to get too. The car’s global position system (GPS) finds the location, the quickies way and goes. The car has sensors and radar to find other cars and objects on the road and can safely merge lanes without any assistants.” Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are getting increasing attention from the research community in recent years. A major concern however is the lack of usable verification and certification techniques of AVs to ensure safety of passengers. Research on AVs’ safety have principally focused on: formal methods (requiring rigorous formal modeling and analysis expertise) to verify safe behavior of AVs’ control system and designing motion control and collision avoidance algorithms that ensure safe behavior” (Kandula, Mukherjee, Gupta,2011). Autonomous Vehicles engineers are working on how to maintain safety for everyone on the road. From the autonomous vehicles, pedestrians, stop signs and other vehicles on the road. Automotive systems have become more dependent on software innovations in the past ten years. The University of Washington and the University of California-San Diego (UW-UCSD) Center for Automotive Embedded System Security (CAESS) are conducting experimental security analysis since 2010. The team injects packets into the car’s controller network to manipulate the electronic control units to change the vehicle state meaning operating the break, gas pedal, and lights.

Autonomous vehicles are inherently different from human-driven vehicles. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to reduce crashes, smooth traffic flow, improve fuel economy, reduce emission, and quicker reaction time. AV’s can be program to not break the law, drink and drive and take unlicensed travelers to their destination. Over 40% of crashes involve alcohol, drugs or fatigue. Since autonomous vehicles cannot drink, do drugs or fall asleep this drops the percentage of accidents. Approximately, 90% of crashes are human error including roadwork, environment (inclement weather), speeding and distraction. About 5.5 million crashes a year in the United States costing about 300 billion. Gathering all this information and seeing how autonomous vehicles can help prevent crashes and bring down the number of death in the United States. Google has a self-driving car on the roads of California since April 2013. It has travel over 435,000 miles. Google has reported one crash with the self-driving car but it occurred while a human was controlling it. For safety reason from the state of California a human must be present while the vehicle is on the road. Many other companies have start their own innovation such as Audi, BMW, Cadillac, General Motors, Ford, Toyota and many other name brands. Other drive-less technology are already in many models from parking assist, lane department warning lights and navigation. During poor weather such as snow, fog and rain vehicles have a challenge to get to point A to point B safety. As a drive we can recognize if something is in the road such a cardboard box or a concrete block. An AV can detect if something is on the road with their sensor recognition while allows...
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