Living Tissue

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Epithelial tissue ________.
A) is usually acellular
B) contains a number of neuron types
C) is highly vascularized
D) has a basement membrane
Which is true concerning muscle tissue?
A) cuboidal shape enhances function
B) is a single-celled tissue
C) highly cellular and well vascularized
D) contains contractile units made of collagen
Which of the following is true about epithelia?
A) Pseudostratified epithelia are commonly keratinized.
B) Stratified epithelia are associated with filtration.
C) Endothelium provides a slick surface lining all hollow cardiovascular organs. D) Simple epithelia are commonly found in areas of high abrasion. 4.
A multilayered epithelium with cuboidal basal cells and flat cells at its surface would be classified as ________. A) stratified squamous
B) transitional
C) simple cuboidal
D) simple squamous
Which of these is not considered connective tissue?
A) adipose
B) blood
C) muscle
D) cartilage
Matrix is composed of ________.
A) fibers and ground substance
B) cells and fibers
C) all organic compounds
D) ground substance and cells
The first step in tissue repair involves ________.
A) proliferation of fibrous connective tissue
B) formation of scar tissue
C) inflammation
D) replacement of destroyed tissue by the same kind of cells 8.
Which statement best describes connective tissue?
A) primarily concerned with secretion
B) always arranged in a single layer of cells
C) usually lines a body cavity
D) usually contains a large amount of matrix
The shape of the external ear is maintained by ________.
A) elastic cartilage
B) hyaline cartilage
C) fibrocartilage
D) adipose tissue
The fiber type that gives connective tissue great tensile strength is ________. A) muscle
B) elastic
C) collagen
D) reticular
The reason that intervertebral discs exhibit a large amount of tensile strength to absorb shock is because they possess ________. A) hydroxyapatite crystals
B) reticular fibers
C) collagen fibers
D) elastic fibers
How is hyaline cartilage different from elastic or fibrocartilage? A) Fibers are not normally visible.
B) It is more vascularized.
C) It contains more nuclei.
D) It has more elastic fibers.
Select the correct statement regarding the cells of connective tissue. A) Chondroblasts are the main cell type of connective tissue proper. B) Connective tissue does not contain cells.
C) Connective tissue cells are nondividing.
D) "Blast" cells are undifferentiated, actively dividing cells. 14.
Which of the following is not found in the matrix of cartilage but is in bone? A) lacunae
B) live cells
C) blood vessels
D) organic fibers
Select the correct statement regarding adipose tissue.
A) Most of the cell volume is occupied by the nucleus.
B) It is composed mostly of extracellular matrix.
C) Its primary function is nutrient storage.
D) Mature adipose cells are highly mitotic.
________ epithelium appears to have two or three layers of cells, but all the cells are in contact with the basement membrane. A) Stratified columnar
B) Pseudostratified columnar
C) Stratified cuboidal
D) Transitional
What feature characterizes simple columnar epithelium of the digestive tract? A) fibroblasts
B) a rich vascular supply
C) dense microvilli
D) cilia

What are the three main components of connective tissue?
A) ground substance, fibers, and cells
B) collagen, elastin, and reticular fibers
C) alveoli, fibrous capsule, and secretory cells
D) fibroblasts, chondroblasts, and osteoblasts
An epithelial membrane ________.
A) never contains mucus-forming cells
B) contains simple or stratified epithelia and a basement membrane C) is formed of epithelium and smooth muscle
D) usually involves transitional epithelium
Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium ________.
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