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Topics: Wood, Lumber, Board foot Pages: 7 (1073 words) Published: February 7, 2013
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education Wood Working/ Carpentry
(Integration in Mathematics & Values Education)
by: Edgar S. Penuela

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:

a. Discuss what is board foot;
b. Have knowledge on how to solve board foot as a unit of measure for lumber; c. Solve problems involving measurement of board foot; and apply board foot measurement to real world situations.

II. Subject Matter
Measurement for the Volume of Lumber (Board Foot)


Materials:Measuring Tape or any linear measuring tools; Blocks of wood & Computer/DLP
Values:Conservation of Resources/ Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills

III. Procedure
Learning Activities

Teacher’s Activity & Students’ Activity

* Let us all stand for our prayer.

* Good Morning Class.

* Before you sit down, please arrange your chairs properly and pick up the pieces of papers and trashes under your chairs.

(Checking of Attendance)

* As I call your name you may say present.

(An assigned student will lead the prayer)

* Good Morning Sir!

(The students follow the instruction)

(Students raise their hands and say present as the teacher calls in their name) Review

(Presume that the past lesson is all about the classification of lumber)

* Class, what was our lesson last meeting? Yes, John.

(The teacher acknowledge the correct answer)

* Very Good! We have discussed last meeting about the hardwood and softwood lumber.

* Now, who can differentiate the hardwood lumber to the softwood lumber?

* Yes, Allan.

* What else? Yes Peter.

* That’s right! Now, who among you can give example of hardwood and softwood lumbers?

(John Answered)
* Our lesson last meeting was all about the classification of lumber. The hardwood and softwood lumber.

(Allan stand and answer)
* Hardwood lumber came from deciduous or broad-leaved trees. In general, hardwood species are typically hard and the trees are slow growing. While the softwood lumber are taken from the coniferous and fast growing trees.

* Hardwood lumbers have wider variety of colors and textures. While the softwood lumbers are lightweight and have light colors.

(The students take turn to give example)



* I have here a situational problem wherein we need to solve and give sensible advice or opinion.

* After we read the situational problem, you are given 1 to 2 minutes to discuss with your seatmate the situation and find a sensible advice or opinion.

* Is that clear, class?

(The teacher posted the situational problem on the board or on the DLP projector (Power point Presentation; Slide 1)

* Who will read for the class? Yes, Rosa.

* You may start now your discussion with your seatmate

(After 1or 2 minutes, the teacher solicited responses to the students)

(The students listen attentively to the teacher)

* Yes, Sir!

(Rosa stands up and read loud and clear)

There is a farmer who wanted to build a small house made of lumber. He has plenty of full-grown Narra trees in his farm and he wanted to use it on his proposed house construction. His neighbor advised him to cut down all his planted tress for lumber so that he can use it. The farmer is confused and he doesn’t know what to do. How does he start his plan? He needs an advice.

* Now, let us listen to your advice.

* Based on your shared opinion, the best way the farmer will do is to make first a plan before he started to build a small house made of wood. * Why he needs to do this?

* What are other reasons besides that?

Value Integration (Slide 2)

* Yes, we need to plan and think everything we do before we make an action.

* We need also to conserve especially the natural resources like trees because we have waited many years for them to grow and then we cut...
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