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Topics: High school, Reading, Middle school Pages: 3 (1290 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Maameyaa Danso
9-4-12 Pd.5 I Love…Hate…love Reading! Reading, if you’d asked me what came to mind when I heard that word three years ago I would have to you I hated it. Yes I know it’s typical to hear a teenager say they hated to read but I had a perfectly good. So sit back relax and get conferrable while I rant about hoe reading affected my school career. Looking back, I can see what a long roller coaster ride I went on before realizing how fun reading could be. At my private school in Ghana we would only get assigned books from the teachers which were clearly chosen to make us hate reading because they were so uninteresting. That being said, I never really thought much about reading until I came to the United States. Coming here and being exposed to the wide variety of books in the library was like being at the candy store. It really showed me there was more to reading than the boring books my teachers gave. Moving from a different country did prove to be a challenge when I realized the literary skills thought in Ghana were completely different from that of the U.S., so one can imagine how terrified I was when I had to take a reading placement test. Let’s just say I was good enough to go into 3rd grade but had to be put in ESOL, a class that helped foreign students with their English. I wasn’t embarrassed but rather grateful that I had an opportunity to improve my reading skills. ESOL did a lot for me in my writing skills, unlike reading which was so frustrating. I was able to read but not with the speed and precision that my classmates could. Being able to read quickly while articulating and pronouncing words...
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