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K-12 Education in the Philippines

By leiduj17 Jan 14, 2013 424 Words
“K-12 Education in the Philippines”
Education is the key to the success of our future. Knowledge is needed to be one of the best. Gaining knowledge can only be attained through education. The longer education means gaining more knowledge. The K-12 education implements the longer education years in our country for grade school and high school. It is better to have K-12 education to the Philippines so that the students are already mature when they graduate and students have more exposure to education rather than going back to the regular education years which would lack the students’ confidence and knowledge when they start studying in college and get a job.

Does K-12 education really help the students to get ready for their future? Although some parents are not in favour for the K-12 education because they will provide the tuition fees of their children, some children are also not in favour for the said education because they will have more time studying. In addition, the students will be more expose in education, in exchange of the additional years for their education. Many countries have implemented the K-12 education long ago, so does our country, the Philippines, will stick to our regular education years? Most of the graduates in our country these days are pretty much immature unlike other countries that their graduates are already mature. If you are a manager of a company, who are you going to choose, an immature applicant or a mature applicant who is more educated? Obviously the answer to that question is that the mature applicant and what would have become of the other applicant? He or she will be force to apply to a less salary job. It is all because of its education system at the time he or she is studying in grade school or high school. With the longer years due to K-12, there are many more education possibilities to prepare them to their education in college.

K-12 educational system in the Philippines will be implemented to have more years in their grade school and high school. Although there are some drawbacks to the said educational system, the K-12 will help the students more for their future in a way to prepare them for college. With the K-12 helping the students for their future, the children are the next generation and having knowledgeable students will result to a more educated generation. The K-12 education will definitely be more helpful to our country.

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