It Project Management Chapter 10 Quiz

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Chapter 10

Quick Quiz

1. What do many experts agree is the greatest threat to the success of any project?

b. a failure to communicate

2. Which communication skill is most important for information technology professionals for career advancement?

c. speaking

3. Which of the following is not a process in project communications management?

a. information planning

4. What popular book illustrates the concept that people are not interchangeable parts and uses the analogy that you cannot take nine women and produce a baby in one month?

d. Goldratt's Critical Chain

5. If you add three more people to a project team of five, how many more communications channels will you add?

d. 18

6. A __________ report describes where the project stands at a specific point in time.

a. status

7. What tool can you use to help manage stakeholders by ranking scope, time, and cost goals in order of importance and provide guidelines on balancing these conctraints?

c. issue log

8.You have two project stakeholders who do not get along at all. You know they both enjoy travelling, so you discuss great travel destinations when they are both in the room together to distract them from arguing iwth each other. What confict-handing more are you using?

c. smoothing

9. Which of the following is not a guideline to help improve time spend at meetings?

b. Invite extra people who support your project to make it run more smoothly.

10. A __________ report is a reflective statement documenting important things that people learned from working on the project.

b. lessons-learned
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