Intervention, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention Paper

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Intervention, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention Paper

BSHS 431

Yvette E. Williams

University of Phoenix

Leatrice Allen

April 13, 2011

This in-person interview was made final April 7, 2011 with the interviewee, Mae Parnell, who is employed as a case manager at Haymarket Center, located as 120 So. Sangamon St., Chicago, IL. Mae Parnell’s primary job description at Haymarket Center is to coordinator the approach to the delivery of substances abuse and social and health services. She will also provide each client with connections to seek the appropriate organizations that will be able to assist and devote to the care of his or hers unique circumstances and to help him or her attain goals for him or herself.


In 1975 Haymarket Center was found by Monsignor Ignatius McDermott and Dr. James West, who each had a desire to alter society’s understanding of alcoholism and the treatment that could be offer to each individual. They both had a perception that an addiction is a disease, which does not know color, nor-creed, or the gender of an individual’s socioeconomic environment. They both came to an agreement that treatment for substances abusers would become an alternative for incarceration for both women and man. Haymarket Center has developed into the largest nonprofit community-based establishment in Chicago. Haymarket Center is a comprehensive organization for the detoxification of adults, outpatient’s substance abusers, and also for residential clients.

Mission of the Agency

“The mission of Haymarket Center is to aid people with chemical dependency in their recovery, by providing a continuum of optimal professional care that is responsive to the identified needs of the community.” (2011).


The population at Haymarket Center, which includes women, pregnant women and men on a yearly basis, are 1,900 individuals.


The intervention at Haymarket is substantial and will strive to reduce the individual, his or her family and the surroundings risk components. Intervention for an individual will increase the flexibility of his or her achievement and will magnify protective elements that will free him or her from challenges, which are related to alcohol.

Interventions for individuals will each be clinically managed by professionals that have been certified and trained to lecture him or her on the needs that he or she will need to develop and to involve recovery skills in their everyday lives. The intervention that Haymarket Center provides for each individual is to strive to de-escalate the risk factors of his or her family and their environment, to improve self-protective factors, and to acquire individual and a thorough knowledge of the wellness within the community through team techniques.


The younger that an individual begins to abuse alcohol, means that he or she will use and the sooner that he or she begins to receive help for the treatment of his or her alcoholism means that, the shorter that he or she will use. For individuals who receive treatment for alcoholism, it will predict who will evolve from the use of recovery and a 12-step program for that same individual will predict who will stay in recovery. Treatment for individuals who have abuse alcohol will predict who will start abstinence and self help engagements will predict who will stay abstinent.

Each individual who enters Haymarket Center will receive a base-line medical assessment and a physical examination at James West Clinic, which is on the grounds of Haymarket Center. After, the initial assessment is taken each individual will be determine exactly where he or she will be admitted either in the detox unit, outpatient or inpatient units. The norm social setting detox unit that provides for men and women at Haymarket are available for a three- to five- day stay. If it is deeming through the medical or physical assessment that an...

References: (2011, April 9). Comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment programs []. Message posted to.
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