internet management system

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Project Context
Many technologies have been invented and have given big impact in daily lives of the modern man. It is widely employed both for work related purposes as well as for pleasure and enjoyment. Due to their knowledge, they started creating technologies that will make the lives of the people better and easier. As the time goes on, computers have become more and more important in our lives. We use computers in school, at home, and at work and most of us cannot imagine life without them. One of the many functions of computers is in communicating within the country, to our love ones living or working in other country, or even any place around the world. The internet has become a fully integrated part of our society, touching many aspects of our business and personal lives. The internet is so incredibly popular because it enables us to quickly across information from sources all over the world and transfer information easily and swiftly. Today, a business such as internet cafes use a variety of tracking methods such as timers or clocks and registers it to computer servers. However, there is simply no foolproof way to make this traditional system accurate in tracking the exact time used as some consumers tend to extend longer for a new minute than what they are actually supposed to, especially when there is no custodian around. Hence, these unaccounted extra minutes, when amassed can create higher internet or electricity bills for the owner from what they expected. A precise tool or system that would or measure and track accurately enables the owners to cut down this concern. Today, it is preferable for a school to have an internet room. The reason for this is because the internet makes information available in a quick and easy manner, publicity accessible and within easy reach. It has revolutionized communication and social networking, creating a zone which was so international that new technique of study, graphic designs and other applications are found. At Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, Tagudin Campus, internet room is available and its fee is added in the miscellaneous of each student every semester. Students make use of the internet room and most often, some students exceed the time allotted for them. As a result, some students are not given an equal opportunity to use the internet because other students are going beyond in their allotted time limit. There is a system that has been developed by previous IT students of ISPSC but unfortunately that system has not been implemented. Now, there is no existing tool or system to monitor the time consumed by each student and staff in the internet room because internet custodian relies on traditional methods such as the use of logbooks and by using the clock. Hence, the researchers developed ISPSC Internet Center Management System in order to aid this problem, to lessen the long process of retrieving information, to give accurate statistical reports, give security to each user and improve the internet facility of the said institution. This will benefit not only the users but also the office itself. Purpose and Description

This study serves as catalyst for the improvement of company operation efficiency and performance. Time spent on log-in at internet room will be shortened allowing them to enjoy the facility of the school. The Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College may likewise benefit from it. The Administrator also known as the Internet Custodian will be able to access all the features and functions of the proposed system. This will help him to do his job easier and more secured than the manual process. It lessens the effort in doing accurate statistical reports and it enables him to accomplish it in minimal time. The Students/Faculty of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, South Cluster Campus, Tagudin Ilocos Sur, would be able to experience a more exciting and efficient usage of the internet room whereby they will no longer singing...
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