Why computer systems are so important in today

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Integrated circuit Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Why computer systems are so important in today’s society As each day passes we begin to rely on computer systems more and more and more. Computers have become almost essentials to everyday life. Computer systems are used everywhere, from your laptop to your washing machine. Can you imagine attempting to run any sort of business without the use of a computer system? Imagine retail businesses without the online world, how would they place orders, keep track of inventory and run a worldwide chain with nothing but pen and paper. Almost every step of the retail industry is done with the assistance of computers, from the materials, manufacturing, ordering, stocking and then finally the scanning of the barcodes. Communication has been revolutionised by the invention of computers, becoming impossibly easy through emails and mobile phones. The time taken for messages to be sent to anybody in the world has gone from months to seconds. Without computer systems our world would be reduce to an extremely slow pace, and globalisation would be vastly decreased. It is very important that we have computer systems to keep up with the fast pace of today’s society and the sheer speed and precision of the current communications. Computer systems are used not only by young people as means of socialising, but for their education. Computers have revolutionised education, taking learning from chalk and blackboards to interactive white boards, laptops being used in lessons, and apps to assist learning. The internet especially has opened an endless encyclopaedia of information for students to use. The entertainment industry is dependant on computer systems in everything, on the television, on youtube, at the cinema, even watching musicals and plays; the lighting and sound is controlled by a computer. Computer systems are important not just to how we work, and how we communicate, but also to how we choose to relax, with most entertainment options including a computer system. Even a book, a...
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