Informed Consent

Topics: Informed consent, Autonomy, Risk Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Healthcare Consent legislation applies to everyone above the age of 18 (some places 16) and has the following rights (Ref 1) 1)The right to give or refuse consent
2)The right to choose a particular form of healthcare on any grounds including moral or religious grounds 3)The right to revoke consent
4)The right to expect that a decision to give, refuse or revoke consent will be respected 5) The right to be involved to the greatest degree possible in all case planning and decision making Mostly all nursing actions are an invasion of a person’s privacy and giving consent is carried out by going into the hospital or being treated at home. So one can say that consent is based on the principle of respect for a fellow human being. (Ref 1,2) This legislation tells me that all patients and clients have a right to receive information about their condition. As a nurse I should be sensitive to their needs and respect the wishes of those who refuse or are unable to receive such information. (Ref 1,2) For instance, there may be a language barrier and I should not just go about reading the consent form in English, rather I should arrange for a interpreter or find a nurse who speaks the clients language. I also respect their decision of autonomy-their decision to accept or decline any health intervention even if a refusal means loss of life, example Jehovah s witness refusing blood transfusion. The client will now have alternate options given by the Health Care Providers. Informed consent is obtained by a legally competent person, who voluntarily accepts or declines the consent after being informed of the treatment including side effects, adverse effects.(Ref 1,2) Many people are frightened by unfamiliar medical procedures and interventions and may thus want to back off from any treatment. This decision should be respected, and the client should not be forced into taking any of these medication or treatment. Rather the nurse can educate them to the best of her...
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