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Importance of keeping an open mind when writing

By discuit42 Oct 28, 2013 323 Words
The importance of keeping an open mind in society today.

Speaking as erector of the subsequent fresh expressions here-in; I believe open mindfulness is essentially imperative during a writer's subsequent eristic composition; Certain validities the writer must substantiate during a strict adherence of such an acute point of view will surely comprise a difficult approach to tremendously needed resolutions to issues regarding humanity's challenging and politically questionable dilemmas involving the modern day complexities surrounding the mindful perceptions that can only presumably earn admiration through the provocation of expanding one's perceptible comprehension. Expansions of such logical, informative, and cognitable points of perceivance during an argument can presumably add a deeper sense of profound enrichment or enlightenment on the topic at hand. When society as a whole succumbs to the enchantment of expanding awareness' and the opening of new possibilities, the more likely the society will be able to embrace new ideas and discoveries as celebratory, sanguinous, and liberational events rather than old, dull, and routine ways of observing life.

Henceforth I conclude that keeping a log of inner awareness' towards one's own feelings when attempting to comprehend such gregariously absorbent amounts of opinionated material the world has to offer is a wonderful idea. One can never be to precautious of what the world is subliminally attempting to instill upon the psyche. I believe that the gnu one can acquire from keeping an open minded perceivance of the world and all it has to offer can be rewarding in the sense that while experimenting with this new gnu one can subtly ease into an unfamiliar state of realizing their stupor or can begin questioning the reasoning behind open mindedness; However one will hopefully upon understanding the solution through evocations of these new ideas and perceivances be able to resolve issues, learn, and as a society, will then be able to relish the enchantment of this newly felt blissful state of awareness acquired by thinking openly.

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