I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Analytical Response

Topics: Emotion, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Rhyme scheme Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: March 2, 2013
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud- Analytical Response

The poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, by William Wordsworth, explores the emotional and physical impacts that can be explored in a journey. The poem tells the story of Wordsworth and how he comes across a field of daffodils and recounts the effect that they had on him. It illustrates the concepts that journeys can have a substantial long-term effect on an individual and also that journeys can be an individual process. In the poem the persona’s view of the world is dramatically changed after he came across the daffodils and the effect stayed with him forever.

Journeys can have substantial long-term effects on people that can stay with a person for their whole life. In I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, William Wordsworth shows how the experiences of seeing the daffodils affected him and how the impact has lasted with him forever. He makes many references to his emotions that were at the time of when he saw the daffodils and also when he reflects back on them through his memories. In the last stanza, Wordsworth emphasises the effect as he looks back on the experience. The final rhyming couplet “And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils” reinforces the effect of the experience in his later life. Also, because of the long-term effect that the daffodils had on him, he is able to reflect back to the experience when he is feeling sad or lonely “They flash upon my inward eye which is the bliss of solitude”. This personification suggests that he has a good connection with them and when he looks back on the experience, he feels brighter and happier. This is also emphasised by using the word ‘bliss’ because it tells us that he feels joy that he can go on his imaginative journey. In this poem, Wordsworth explores how journeys can affect people in ways that can stay with them forever and has a considerable effect on them.

Secondly, in the poem, Wordsworth explores that journeys can be an...
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