The Beauty of Figurative Language

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20 March 2013

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The Beauty of Figurative Language

Nobody wants to read a boring story. Figurative language is used to make

sentences more interesting. William Wordsworth uses figurative language to allow his

words to be more imaginative and vivid. William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770

in the scenic area of Great Brittain. He was a major English Romantic Poet (wikipedia). In

the poem "[I wandered lonely as a cloud]" by William Wordsworth, he takes readers on a

journey reflecting visions of nature. Figurative language is used to clarify the poet's

response to nature. Wordsworth shares his experience in nature through an emotional

response. "[I wandered lonely as a cloud]" has many poetic devices. Three examples are

similes, personification and hyperboles.

One of the most obvious poetic devices in figurative language are similes. Similes

are one way Wordsworth describes how he wanders alone as part of the landscape. "I

wandered lonely as a cloud" (line 1) is the first distinct simile in the poem. By using the

word "as" the author helps the reader understand how he wanders alone by comparing it

to a cloud. The author goes on to mention how long he wanders by using similes.

"Continuous as the stars that shine" (7) expresses how long he wanders. Wordsworth

uses the word "as" to assist the reader in understanding the steady and continuous length

he travels.

Personification is often used to give a non-human object human traits. Wordsworth

uses personification to describe a cluster of golden daffodils. An evident use of

personification in the poem is "When all at once I saw a crowd" (3). The daffofils are

described as if they are a group of people. The author uses personification to describe

how lively the daffodils move. "Fluttering and dancing in the breeze" (6) is an apparent use

of personification. Wordsworth helps the reader...

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