I Am The Messenger Poems

Topics: 2002 albums, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (261 words) Published: October 29, 2013
All my friends seem to be smart arses.
But there’s Audrey.
She has yellow hair and wiry legs.
The most beautiful crooked smile in the world.
She also works as a cab driver.
I love Audrey.
Audrey has always believed in me.
She always said she likes me too much to be with me.
But she refuses to love.
She doesn’t want to feel that way about me.
I can’t accept that.
I wonder if she’ll ever know that no one will love her as hard as I do. She doesn’t want love from anyone.
I have to respect that.
“Can I stay Ed?”
“For good “
Audrey kisses me; she looks happy.
Audrey’s fingers hold on to mine.
“I think it belongs to us.”

Tatupu Family
Tatupu Family
For globes to brighten up the Tatupu house.
It’s a pretty shoddy old place.
There are five kids.
When they laugh, you can see the world in their eyes.
“Can I have a piggy back from Ed dad? “
I’ve given 13 piggy back rides.
“My dad is putting up our Christmas lights. “
“You have to come and have a look one day.”
I love those lights
“I promise” I say. “I’ll come.”
Only half the ones that are there work.
I buy a brand-new set of lights.
Leave the new ones at the front door.
I don’t leave a note.
“You’ve given us so much.”
“More than you’ll ever know.”
It’s about glowing lights and small things that are big.
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