Bullying and Guys

Topics: Bullying, Teddy bear, ARIA Charts Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Title: Teddy Bear Revenge, Confessions of the Victim,
Victim: Meg – playing Grace
Bully 1 (notes): Florancia – playing Brittney
Bully 2 (online): Dona – playing Chloe
[At High school]
Grace: Ohmigosh is that you Chloe? Brittney? Wow it’s been so long like I don’t know like… 9 years… [Counts on fingers] Yeah! 9 years! Wow that is so… long! Brittney: Yeah…so long…
Chloe: [nods]
Grace: I just know we’ll be such good BFFs again!
Brittney: Yeah totally
Grace: [squeals] Cool! Are you guys in 7 Purple too?
Chloe: As a matter of fact we are…
[Later that week]
Grace: Omg you guys… I-I can’t even believe it… I never thought... th-that anyone would actually h-hate me…look! [forces note in Chloe’s and Brittney’s faces- note says: ‘I hate you for all you’ve done just die.’] can you believe it? Brittney: Omigosh Gracie are you okay? That is so terrible

Chloe: [nods] so terrible
Grace: Guys I don’t know… I’ve just never thought that I could make someone hate me… I don’t even know what I did…maybe I should take this to our teacher… Brittney: And let everyone know that someone hates you? No way. Anyway if you did that it’d just make the person hate you more...don’t you think? Chloe: Yeah I agree Grace, I know it’s harsh but it’s better than the person hurting you more, right? Grace: [sniffles then nods] Yeah you guys are right, I’ll just be brave until it’s over [smiles weakly] Voiceover: And brave she was. Every time she got another note she would just smile and put it in the bin. But slowly things got worse… [Grace is on facebook and she’s got mean messages on her wall from a user called ‘Gracie Poo’] [At school]

Grace: You guys didn’t see the mean messages on my wall did you? I deleted them but I didn’t know how long they were on there for… Chloe: No… what did they say Gracie?
Grace: Th- [nearly bursts into tears] I don’t want to talk about it guys [looks away, hiding tears] Brittney: Don’t worry Grace you don’t have to
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