Topics: Hydronics, Heat, HVAC Pages: 4 (635 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Environmental Control ME-262
Hydronic System Design
Aliya Athiqah Azman

Problem statement

Use the information from assignments #2, and 3, to design a SERIES hydronic heating system for the building shown below. Make a table as shown below and determine the lengths of the baseboard heating units rounded to one foot. Also specify the type and model of a boiler suitable for this project. For the purpose of the boiler selection, assume that there is a constant 1.5 gpm hot water need that must be heated from 60 F to 200 F. (This water is used for shower and washing and is not returned to the boiler). Use residential Gas Boiler Galaxy GG series from Slantfin catalog. Use baseboard heater series Fine/Line 30. Use 4 gpm flow rate for the room heating circuit. Assume the maximum temperature in the circuit to be 200 F. Attach catalog pages from Slanfin catalog showing the baseboard heaters, boiler, and their technical specifications that were used in this design.

Heating load calculations

Room| Room heating load Btu/hr|
Master BR + Closet| 3264|
Master BR Bath| 832|
Bedroom 2| 3142|
Bedroom 1 | 1628|
Kitchen| 2696|
Utility| 5215|
Shop| 1844|
Bath| 925|
Living room + Hallway| 5949.5|
TOTAL| 25495.5|
Table 1 – Room and room heating load

Heat Transfer | BTU/hr|
Roof | 3132|
Wall| 5401|
Windows| 3927|
Doors | 2016|
Floor| 5280|
TOTAL| 19756|
Table 2 – Heat Transfer

Boiler or Furnace Gross Load – 28235 Btu/h

The calculations for room heating load and heat transfer is attached in the attachment section.

Sample calculations for Baseboard sizes and other specs

Average water temperature = 197.5F

Length of baseboard = Q_masterBR+closet Hot Water Ratings

Based on Table 5.1, the Hot Water Ratings = 750 BTU/hrft

Length of baseboard = 3264 Btu/hr 750 (BTU/hr)/ft = 4.35 ft

List of all the parts needed

1. Baseboard
2. Boiler

Product literature for the...
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