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Chapter 1
Gale’s Perspective
Today’s the day that I have been dreading to come and I cannot believe that it is finally here. Being out with Katniss is just about the only thing to calm me down and hide my nerves. Walking around the district today just has me realize how horrible everything has truly become. After being with Katniss this afternoon I started really begin freaking out. I told her that she would be fine and that she had nothing to worry about but on a day like this that isn’t possible, nobody is in the clear on the day of the reaping. Walking up to see the stage and all the people standing around it was pure silence and it made me that much more scared. I quickly noticed Prim and Katniss and began to worry even more because if I heard there names be spoken I am not sure what I would do. So the same procedure went on the checking the blood and getting everyone in lines and separating the boys and girls until it was the moment no one wanted to hear. The words “happy hunger games, and May the odds be ever in your favor” were spoken by Effie Trinket and at that moment I think every single persons stomachs quickly sank. Once she stuck her hand in the jar filled with all the girl’s names she shuffled them around and pulled out a piece of a paper and the words “Primrose Everdeen” came out her mouth my mouth dropped. I looked over and saw the tears flowing down her cheeks and at that moment I wanted to do whatever I could do to help but I was completely and totally helpless. When I heard Katniss say that she volunteered my stomach went empty and I was completely at lose of words. So after the day was done I still had the same empty stomach feeling and it was not going away. I knew that Katniss was going to have to go risk her life to fight in the annual Hunger Games. I knew she could do it I just didn’t want to have to see her go through it out of all people someone that I truly cared about. So every day I watched on the big screen any clips they...
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