How Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially Essay Example

Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: April 25, 2013
A. Thesis Paragraph: The cell phone is the new tool for communication. The cell phone has made communication “cool” again. Texting, talking, and sharing are just some of the things that take place on these devices. But it is not all technology and roses. There is a down side. The use of cell phones has become so prevalent, that it is being done in some of the most inappropriate places. The one place which ranks on the very top of this list of inappropriate places is using the cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. The cause is innocent enough. Communication is usually a good thing. However, there are times when using a cell phone is just not safe. Operating a motor vehicle requires ultimate attention to detail. Using a cell phone requires some of that attention. The result of attempting to do these two operations at the same time can be very serious. B. Cause

A. Texting- probably the most abused
1. Coordination
2. Attention
3. Potential result
B. Sharing-pictures, memos, e-mail
1. Time element; At what point does danger appear?
C. Talking
1. Attention split between two targets, conversation and driving C Effect
A. Accidents: tie this to the above episodes
B. Death
C. effects on family members and friends
D. Other effects: increasing insurance rates, increasing traffic laws and their cost of enforcement etc. D. Conclusion Paragraph: Using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is probably one of the worst mistakes that can be made by either the operator of a cell phone or a motor vehicle From texting, to sharing, and yes, even talking on the phone, we can see that the ability to drive a motor vehicle is affected, and yet the abuse continues and accidents, injuries, and deaths are the effects of these attempts at multi-tasking. Laws are passed, but until the public accepts the cell phone as the cause of many vehicle accidents, and stops texting, sharing, and talking on these...
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