Hollyoaks Opening Sequence

Topics: Film editing, Audience, Audience theory Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: February 24, 2013
This clip is the 2009 opening sequence of the ITV1 show, Hollyoaks. The opening sequence of Hollyoaks starts with an extreme close-up (ECU) of an eye with ‘Hollyoaks’ edited in to look like it is written in the pupil. This establishes the name of the show straight away and the eye signifies to the viewer that they will be onlookers into the lives of the characters.

The audience then hears the non-digetic sound of fast-paced music which sounds like that of the rock genre. It begins with a short guitar solo that captures the attention of the audience and has now become the signature sound of Hollyoaks and helps audiences to associate that sound with this TV show. There is then a montage of fast-paced, edgy video sequences of the main characters in order to introduce them to the audience. Jump cuts have been used in order to make the montage flow well and it is a good example of continuity as the fast-paced montage matches the edgy background music. The characters throughout this sequence are only wearing red, black or white. Here the red could be perceived as to portray the character as ‘dangerous’ or to convey their sex appeal, which allows the audience to already have an idea about the character and forces them to make a decision on their opinion of the character before the episode has even started. Props have also been used for this same reason. An example would be one of the characters holding a hand-held mirror to depict that she is a vain character or a male character who is punching a punch-bag whilst wearing a tank top, conveying the underlying violence beneath his calm and collected exterior. The lighting is very bright and clear, using some flashes in order to make the sequence seem contemporary in order to appeal to a younger, teenage audience. The sequence concludes with the music fading out with a guitar solo and the words ‘Hollyoaks’ with the signature logo fading onto the screen in order to remind the audience of the show that they are...
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