One Tree Hill

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One Tree Hill is an American serial that has been running since 2003. It is set in a fictional town Tree Hill in North Carolina. The first few seasons of One Tree Hill is mostly focused on a group of High School kids with the original plot being about two half brothers, Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott who start off being worst enemies, going to large extents to hurt each other, and as the episodes go on, the bond and friendship builds with these two characters.

The plot, (with it being a high school), also focuses on also focuses on relationships with friends, partners and parents. It’s a strong plot with lots of drama, as what happens in high school, where all the characters go from innocence to experience.

There are a few different types of shots in One Tree Hill, most are medium close ups, MCU’s (stomach upwards). We also see cut away, CA, which is usually a shot of something other than the current action that’s happening in the movie or show. For example, while two people might be having a conversation the cut away could be shots of landscapes, ECT.

We also get some wide shots, full body shots. These are not as commonly used as the MCU’s in this show, but are used when someone is entering a scene or used to see a scene from a different view. These types of shots are best suited for this type of television show as it is a drama, there are lots of conversations between two people where wide angled shots would not be needed.

The camera angle most of the time in this shot are at eye level, I think they use this to help us feel like we are involved with the scenes, to get us to be more apart of it.
Lighting is used well in this show, they try to make is look as natural as the can, but when certain parts and scene’s happen in the show, it slightly changes.

For example, in romantic scenes, the lighting is very soft and when something bad and traumatic happens, its slow lighting, very sharp and uses shadows well. Although they try to make the lighting look as natural as possible, they also use it to make the main subject of the scene to stand out over everything else that isn’t the relevant.

The voice styles and musical styles play a big roll in this show, the musical always suits the mood of what is currently happening in the show, its often played while conversations are happening and in cut aways. Voice over’s are also often used in this show.

When we fist come into each episode, most of the time is will start with a voice over but one of the characters, most of the time Lucas, which will either give us a message about what is going to happen in each episode, or a quote which relates to what’s happening in the episode. They use this same technique at the end of each episode to, and again, it will either be a quote, message about the episode or it will answer the voice over at the start of the episode.

These types of voice over’s are used continuously throughout the episode. The structure of the whole episode however is a regular structure. When we first come into each episode it gives us a starting scene, which foreshadows what’s going to happen in the episode, then it cuts to the theme song cant ‘I don’t wanna be’ by Gavin DeGraw.

As the episode goes up the drama and tension builds up and towards the end the problems are either solved or it continues on going with the next episode. All these film techniques in this show have all been used very effectively and give the show great photography....

Bibliography: * One Tree Hill Season One.
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