Ho Chi Minh, 1890-1965: Family Background and Education

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam War Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Ho Chi Minh (HCM) 1890-1965

Family background and education
← Born in Nguyen Sinh Cung in Kimlien in Annam province ← His father>teacher employed by the French, resigned in protest of French dominance over Vietnam>Ho learnt to resist French & fight for independence from his father ← Run msg’s for the anti French underground when he was a child ← Brought up n strong Confucian teachings and went to French school, where he learnt to speak French ← 1911 left Vietnam on a steamship >worked as kitchen hand Western influences and travels; France and USSR

← By 1914 well travelled>India, US, England (worked as a pastry cook) ← 1917 arrived in Paris and was known as Nguyen Ai Qouc (Nguyen the Patriot)>Paris read Karl Marx, heard of Bolshevik rev. similarities b/t Russia and Vietnam> communism ← 1919 went to Woodrow Wilson to petition for Vietnam independence ← 1920 founder of the French Communist Party

← 1924 Ho visited Moscow>Communist capital
← Then went to China and worked with the Comintern (communist international) ← Ho moved to the China/Vietnam border and formed the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth League with communist exiles. Rise to prominence

Formation of the Indochinese communist party (ICP)
← 1930 formed ICP
← Promised land reform, worker, soldier, peasant govt & banks >great peasant support ← ICP remained ineffective before WW2. Comintern support for Popular Front govt in France- ICP/French cooperation but then USSR signed non aggression pact with Nazi Germany, ICP forced underground Experiences in China

← 1930-1 communist HCM arrested in Hong Kong remained there til 1933 ← 1930s travelled throughout Sth East Asia spreading msg of communism and ICP ← 1938 went to china worked with Mao as advisor>China strong ally for Vietnam Development of the Viet Minh & propaganda units

← 1941, HCM returned to Japanese occupied Vietnam & formed nationalist independence movement- Viet...
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