High Protein Diets

Topics: Nutrition, Low-carbohydrate diet, Kidney Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: December 21, 2012
High-Protein Diets
Christine J. Williams
SCI 241
September 19, 2012
Diane Carson

High-Protein Diets
Proteins are a vital nutrient that must be provided by one’s diet. Bones, skin, muscle, hair, and most other tissues are made up of proteins. The continuous replenishment of new protein from one’s diet keeps the body functioning properly. When a person is consuming a high protein diet, it is inevitable to be on a low carbohydrate diet as well. There are a lot of foods that contain protein and provide plenty of it to meet the recommended daily value to be consumed. Those food groups that supply and contain ample amounts of protein are meats, poultry, fish, beans, nuts, and dairy. It is necessary to ingest a certain amount of protein every day for proper function of the body. On the other hand, too much of anything is bad for the body and can affect one’s health. The body is wired to break down proteins at a certain pace but if the body is overloaded and it consumes too much the body will reject it or respond negatively. Consuming too much protein can put a strain on kidneys, cause high cholesterol, results in calcium in the urine, ketosis, bad breath, kidney stones, heart disease, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, osteoporosis, and other possible life threatening diseases and side effects. After reviewing my three day personal diet I consumed an average 39 grams of protein and the recommended daily intake of protein is 46 grams. It is apparent that I do consume a good amount of protein; however I still do not meet the standard. If I added more beans to my diet, had fresh vegetables for snacks, a larger serving of fresh, dark, leafy greens per meal, and breaking my meals into six small meals per day would give me a boost of protein as well as balance my diet and give me a boost of energy to get me through the day. As I am trying to lose weight but most of all be healthier I am changing my eating habits. I am finding that as I make this lifestyle change I...
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