Hi-Ho, YO-Yo, Inc.

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Hi-Ho, YO-Yo, Inc.
Hi-Ho, Yo- Yo Incorporation is an institute that makes special logos for yoyos. Now, they are starting to face a problem with increasing orders and the company wants to meet their order process deadlines. The orders were made on June but they will only begin on July due to the make-up day for flooding. Therefore, Mr. Jeff wants to know what is the scheduling for the following orders to meet the limitations. Different types of rule will be evaluated in order to decide the best technique of inventory scheduling. The four different rules to evaluate are: First come First Serve (FCFS), Shortest Processing Time (SPT), Earliest Due Date (DD), and Critical Ratio (CR) methods. Statement of the problem

Sequencing is worried with determining the order in which jobs are administered. The orders also needs to be determined for handling jobs at work center and for work handled at each person’s work stations. The condition can become difficult when workers centers are heavily overloaded and long-lasting jobs are involved. However, in this case study, the main problem is to report how to meet the limitation such as delays, due dates, and to pleasing the customers so the orders will increase. The corporation experienced a delay because of the make-up day for flooding in the month of June so the production date of the order will move to July. So in the month of July, it is indicated in the given case that there are three Saturdays (July 9th, 16th, and 23rd) and the labors will continue to work. Also they will have one holiday on July 4th apart from the weekends. From the time allowed how will the operation manger choose the best scheduling from the given methods (First Come, First Serve (FCFS), Shortest Processing Time (SPT), Earliest Due Date (EDD), and Critical Ratio (CR) methods. Objectives

Job sequence is a significant task to decide, because it goes both ways either going to slow down the production method or speed it up. An operations manager must conclude the best technique established for the need of the institute, in this situation the company needs to finish all jobs before their due dates. Also, job processing time and due dates are very vital sections of material when applying these rules. Job sequencing guidelines are used to decide the importance of processing jobs. It is applied to solve the scheduling problems that usually lead to ineffective performance. The main problem in this case study is to find the best rule to be followed in order to solve the present problem. Some of the categories that need to be met are: Defining the order in which jobs at a work center will be administered. Sequencing decision to be made in order to meet all the due dates and satisfy the needs of the clients. Educate the staff in order to give then understanding about choosing the best schedule to be made. Meeting due dates of customers or downstream operations.

Minimalizing the flow time (the time a job spends in the process. Try to reduce work-in-process inventory.
Try to Decrease idle time of machines or workers.
Areas of consideration and analysis
Scheduling will help to create both the timing and use of resources within an organization. In the operation function, scheduling relates to the use of tools, facilities, human activities of scheduling, and receipt of material. In this event, there are facts given that will help in order to make a conclusion of what technique to use. “I’ve been talking with Anne about a problem we have with short-term capacity in our pad printing operations. You know, that’s where we print our logo on the Custom lines of yo-yos. We have received more orders to pad printing in a way that will enable us to meet out due date commitments in the best way possible. Would you have time to look on the order list (attached) and see what kind of schedule we should follow to do that?” In the paragraph above it is clearly identified the problem of the Hi-Ho, Yo-Yo Incorporation....
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