Gun Control Essay Example

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Gun Control
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Gun Control

Gun control has been a debatable issue for all times. This essay aims to put forward an argument against gun control. The essay asserts that prevalence of gun control should not be a part of the society. Society should be against gun control because people should be able to protect themselves, the crime rate would decrease, and people have the right to bear arms.

The controversy regarding the gun control is neither a new one nor particular to United States. Majority of the gun control laws make no demarcation between the citizens who are law breakers and those who are law abiding. Gun control laws simply entail that anyone who possess a gun is likely to be a law breaker, which is merely not a case (Reynolds & Caruth, pp.01). The purpose behind the gun control and gun crime laws is to avert the criminals from acquiring guns and using the guns they had acquired. However, the number of armed crimes as well as criminals has amplified during the time when gun control laws have thrived. It appears as if the actual results of gun control have not been the projected ones (Reynolds & Caruth, pp.02). Gun control laws restricts the ordinary citizens from possessing a gun, which implies that at the time of a criminal attack or a robbery, the citizen will not be likely to defend him or herself. The self defense survey conducted by Dr. Gary Kleeck shows that around 2.1 million times, guns are used for self defense purpose in a year (Krouse, pp.13). A gun control law will restrain the people from protecting themselves in case of a violent crime attack. This will enable the criminals to be more powerful and confident while attacking people as people would not be armed. For instance pizza delivery boys keep guns to prevent themselves from being robbed. Thus, society should be against gun control because people have a right to protect and defend themselves. Imposing...
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