Gestalt Theory

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View of human nature
Gestalt view of human nature is the client needs to learn to stand on their own rather then depending on environmental support and to become more self supported. Having the client changing some parts of their personality. The technique used in the therapy is very confrontational. Gestalt therapist will frustrate client to make the client more self aware Gestalt believes that individuals have the ability to self-regulate awareness therapy provides a setting and opportunity for that awareness to be supported and restored Paradoxical theory of change- suggest that real changes can be made when we are being true to rather then we are trying to be who we are not. Gestalt promotes clients growth rather than the client relying on the therapist to direct change Yellow hat

Gestalt encourages clients to change parts of their personality that the client does not like, the change is decided by the client it’s a way the client thinks they can better them selves Following paradoxical theory of change it shows how changes are made based on who the person not who they wish they are. Making the changes personal and realistic Having clients make changes on their own rather than having therapist giving them instruction make the goals more personal and because the clients come up with their own goals they feel more determined to reach them Some principles of Gestalt therapy theory

Holism gestalt focuses on the whole person and does not place values on particular aspects of an individual. This practice attends to a client’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body, memories, and dreams. Emphasis may be focused on a figure (individual’s experiences that are most memorable) Ground (aspects of the client that they may not be aware of body language, cue, body gestures, non verbal gestures. Field theory organism must be seen in its environment or in its context as a part of the constantly changing field. The theory believes that everything is relational, in flux,...
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